To ensure the health and safety of all our guests, we observe the following guidelines:

BEHAVIOR: All dogs must be non-aggressive and not food or toy protective. Dogs not well-suited to the social environment may receive personal at home service depending on home location.

FREE TRIAL DAY: Dogs must participate in a free trial day where we can spend some time to getting to know them. This consists of at least 4 hours of weekday daycare when we can make behavioral observations and determine if the dog will be happy with our group setting. Please schedule a trial day in advance as we have limited space per day.

AGE: Minimum age allowed at Metro Dog care is 16 weeks with all vaccines completed

GENDER: We recognize that the veterinary field is revising the age at which dogs should be spayed or neutered. As such we are open to discussing your pet’s situation. In most cases we prefer that all dogs over 6 months of age are spayed or neutered.

VACCINATIONS: All dogs must have up-to-date vaccinations on file with us.

  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Bordatella
  • A fecal float test with a negative result

Vets are often happy to fax (206) 283-1193 the records directly to us. We ask that all dogs be on veterinarian- recommended flea control.

HEALTH: All dogs must be in good health and free from any condition which could jeopardize the health of our other guests. If a dog has recently been sick with a contagious illness or undergone surgery, either written clearance from a veterinarian or a 14-day waiting period must be completed before returning to Metro Dog. In order to ensure optimal care please keep us advised of your current information regarding pet’s health and your emergency contact numbers.

SAFETY: Dogs visiting Metro Dog Daycare and Kennels must wear a quick release collar with name tag. All dogs must be on leash while on premises until they are securely inside of play area.

FEES: Payment due at time of services.

HOURS: Daycare hours are 6:45 AM to 7 PM Monday-Friday and 8 AM to 8PM Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays. All daycare attendants must be picked up by closing time. Any daycare dogs not picked up by closing will become overnight guests.

RESERVATIONS/CANCELLATIONS: Reservations are strongly recommended. Dogs attending on a regular full- or part-time basis will be scheduled first. 24 hours notice is required for daycare cancellations or the full daycare fee will be charged. Kennel cancellations must have 3 days advance notice and 10 days minimum notice around Holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s etc…) or be charged 50% for the space that cannot be filled.

Call 206-284-3647 (DOGS)

Stop by today, we are at 4020 23rd Ave W (Magnolia)

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